Certifications and
environmental policy

Centre vinicole
Quality policy - June 2020

Uniting 80 cooperatives, representing some 5,000 growers and with 230 employees, Centre Vinicole - Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte is the largest Producers’ Union in Champagne.

Our vision

Stronger, further together

Our mission

We are a cooperative structure that firmly places the Land and Man at the very heart of everything we do and all our international brands. Drawing our strength from the Champagne soils, we champion our expertise and strive to perpetuate these skills and ensure they are passed on to future generations. Committed together, we shift the boundaries, innovate and transform.


Our sense of purpose

For Centre Vinicole - Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte to be considered as a viable alternative to the negociant sector.


Our values

Transparency – Commitment – Audacity – Trust – Humanism.


Our challenges

  • Our Members remain at the heart of our mission: Galvanise the close working relationships we maintain with our partner growers.
  • Our way of working is evolving: Anticipate change in our professional lives and in the Champagne sector at large.
  • Growth, through assured leadership: Consolidate our position as World No.3.


Our commitment

Third in the world in volume and named “France’s favourite Champagne”, through our corporate structure we uphold our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, ensuring the continued success of our company, while rooted in the values of contemporary society.

This commitment, intrinsically linked to our cooperative structure, maintains our focus on both the environment and society at large, and is underpinned by a quality management system, food security and the environment, and built around a series of rigorous processes, the performance of which is scrupulously tracked, measured and analysed.


Our road map founded on the guiding principles of performance

Health and Safety – Human Capital – Customer and stakeholder satisfaction – Industrial Performance – The History and Tradition of a region – Environmental Footprint – Economic Performance.


In order to effectively implement this policy:

  • Working with our executive management committee COMOP, we are committed to providing all the means necessary to attain our objectives, and to communicate actively with relevant stakeholders.
  • We solicit all those who manage these processes to do their utmost to utilise our management systems and be mindful of the effectiveness of their systems, while complying with legal frameworks and any other relevant requirements.
  • We ask everyone to play a role in our focus on continual improvement in order to further enhance the performance of our activities.


Véronique BLIN 

Christophe JUAREZ
Managing Director