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Graphic Ice Silver

Fresh and original

A harmonious blend of 10% chardonnay for elegance and finesse, 40% pinot noir for roundness and structure and 50% meunier for fruitiness and soft, supple character.

Aged 2-3 years in our cellars

The Chief Winemaker adapts dosage levels to each Champagne in order to enhance its flavours and aromas. The choice of reserve wine is crucial and takes into consideration a whole range of factors, including the proportion of cru wines, year of harvest, grape varieties, and vinification and ageing methods, in order to guarantee the intrinsic style of each Champagne

Graphic Ice Silver is a drink-me-now, fresh and light Champagne free from the shackles of traditional tasting rituals. A slice of fresh lime or pineapple and a few ice cubes is enough to unleash a whirlwind of lightness and joy in this Champagne which excels when served ultra-chilled. Increasingly elegant and refreshing over ice, vibrant fruit, in a burst of citrus, apple and white peach notes, defines its relaxed character. Graphic Ice Silver shatters the codes of convention and tantalises taste buds; a refreshing take on Champagne!


Simple pleasures
Fresh fruit skewers

Relaxing interlude
Fresh fruit salad with finely chopped mint and cinnamon
Roasted Victoria pineapple with rosemary and honey

Fine dining
Lime and summer fruit Paris-Brest

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